Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Which is the best r4i flashcart for Nintendo 2DS?

I'm a fan of the Nintendo DS console, yet I am not a fan of 3D effection, no matter in video games or movies, and I think it's really unnecessary for my to buy a Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL console. Finally I got myself a 2DS, I received the 2DS on Sunday and am very, very happy with the device.I'd say that the 2DS is a great choice if you're not invested in 3D gaming but still want to play the variety of DS games Nintendo has to offer. I used to use the original r4 flashcart for my old Nintendo DS console, but it is not compatible with my newest 2DS, so I have to buy a new r4i flashcart for my 2DS.
As far as I concerned,almost all flashcart that work on a 3ds console will work for the 2ds, the best 2ds/3ds flashcarts on the market are supercard dstwo, r4i 3ds wood/gold card, r4i-sdhc 3ds rts, r4isdhc dual core, r4i-gold pro and r4isdhc rts lite. Yeah, there are a few cards for you to play 3ds games, gateway 3ds and mt card, but all require system version 4.1-4.5, and I dont need that card.Also I dont want to play GBA games, because I can already play gba games on my psp,the supercard dstwo has other features no other card has, but they weren't worth the price for me,and the wood r4i gold card seems to be the best choice to my.
It allows me to play almost all ds/snes/homebrew games, and it has real time saves, means you can save during the game, find your own cheats, you can read txt files and view pictures during the game and you can make the game slower. And I ordered my r4i gold flashcart from R4flashcart, the US based 3ds flashcart reseller. Received my card today and am pretty satisfied with it.

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