Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Differences between gateway 3ds and sky3ds 9.9.0-26

The newest Nintendo 3ds version 9.9.0-26 software is now available via wireless internet connection. The new firmware update includes overall improvements to system stability, security and many other minor adjustments in order to enhace the 3ds user's gaming experience. You will need to upgrade the system to the v9.9 to access your eShop. If you are a 3ds flashcart users or looking to buy a 3ds flashcart for the latest version 3ds handheld, be aware that different 3ds flashcarts have different compatibility. So what's the best 3ds flashcarts for 9.9.0-26u? and what are the differences between gateway 3ds and sky3ds?

First of all,gateway 3ds can run both ds games and 3ds games, the package will come with two separate cards, a blue one and a red one, the blue one allow you to run ds games, and the red one for you to run 3ds games. sky3ds features only one single card, and allows you to play 3ds games only. However, gateway 3ds is compatible with v4.1-9.2 native version 3ds handheld, and sky3ds is compatible with the latest 9.9.0-26 J/E/U directly. If you owned an old version console, gateway 3ds will be your first option, otherwise, go for the sky3ds flashcart, also you can get an r4i gold 3ds flashcart together to run almost all ds games, this card is working great with the latest 9.9 system and backwords compatible with any lower version 3ds/ds console.

For gateway 3ds flashcart, you will get many extra features if you can use this card, such as emunand 9.9, multi-rom support etc. so I'd recommend gw 3ds if you can get an older version system console.

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